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Tim was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Every since he was little, Tim has always loved movies, but never thought of being behind the scenes at first.

At the age of nine, Tim Tobias started his acting career at Pittsburgh Musical Theater, until his senior year, he graduated from PMT in 2015. In his years of being an actor, Tim started to realize that he was not meant to be on the stage. In 2012, Tim was asked to be a Student Assistant Stage Manager for PMT's production of "Legally Blonde". After his experience behind the stage, he started to enjoy it more, he decided to continue acting and also work behind the scenes. In 2014, Colleen Doyno took Tim under her wing as she named Tim the Student Assistant Director for PMT's production of "Shrek the Musical". While spending time with Colleen, watching her direct, he found his true passion, directing. The following year, 2015, Tim was once again the Student Assistant Director for "Young Frankenstein", his last show he did with Colleen as a director. Tim's final performance, as an actor, was at the Byham Theatre of downtown Pittsburgh, where he did "Peter Pan".

Tim attended Montour High School from 2011 to 2015. For all of those years, Tim became one of the football managers before starting high school. Montour Spartans' Head Coach Lou Cerro took Tim under his wing as a manager and worked side by side with the coach. In his freshman year, Tim started writing down ideas for feature films at the lunch table or in classrooms during study hall. Cerro was one of Tim's mentors high school, his first feature film story he wanted to write was about a young man living on the streets and a high school football coach takes him in and later on becomes a football player titled "Thomas Allen". Tim's first film story became the first feature film he wrote at Point Park University, he still continues to work on the screenplay today. During his senior year, the football committee found out that he was going to college for filmmaking. The committee approached Tim and Lou Cerro about becoming the first student to be on the football film crew and work the End Zone camera. Tim continued to work the End Zone camera until his sophomore year at Point Park. 

Tim Tobias earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Cinema Production at Point Park University with a concentration in directing and writing.

During his time in college, Tim wrote and directed short films and started working for Broadcast 65 and Trib Total Media. In 2016, Tim was brought in as a Production Assisant for Trib Total Media's show "The Mike Wysocki Show". After time, he was asked by the Trib and Mike Wysocki to have his own segment on the show called "60 Second Movie Review" and the segment led to his own spinoff show "Movie Madness with Tim Tobias". Tim stepped down from the company to finish college and wanted to take a break for a while, but earlier February of 2021 Tim brought the show back with Anchor. Tim's friends Alex McDannell and Chris Bright are the co-hosts of "Movie Madness". Later in 2017, Alex, Chris, and Tim decided to start their own production company, Catastrophic Pictures, and are working towards getting their LLC summer of 2021. Tim looks forward to what the future has in store for himself and the company.

In 2021, Tim got his foot in the film industry and has worked on projects such as 'Sprung', 'A Man Called Otto', 'The Deliverance', and currently working on 'American Rust' Season 2.



During a gift exchange at Christmas time, a young filmmaker struggles to tell his true feelings he has for someone.

Nervous For

A young man who looks back at his past relationship to try and move forward with a new one.


Announced (October 2023)

During the first day of summer, a young high school student finds out a deep dark secret that his parents have been hiding from him for his entire life.



The story of a young man trying to find answers why everything bad is happening to him, from the death of his grandfather to his love life growing up.

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